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Helpful Resources

Below you will find business and community resources, links to past workshop recordings, workbooks, etc. You will also find a Kanawha Valley minority business directory at the bottom of the page.

Open For Business

Business Resources


Banzai has partnered with West Viriginia State University Economic Development Center and Element FCU to bring you clear, in-depth lessons to help you dive into the financial topics you care most about.

May 6

Spring 2021 Virtual Minority Business Expo

One Stop Business Center (Secretary of State-Mac Warner)

Plan to Succeed (WVSU College of Business-Clint Arnold)

Level Up Worldwide (EXIM Bank-Aerek Stephens)

Business & Personal Credit (Unlimited Future Inc.-Ursulette Ward)

Lending Opportunities (NCI Fund-Justin White)

February 26

Truist Workshop: Growing Your Business

Growing Your Business Presentation/Workbook(PDF)

Growing Your Business Presentation/Workbook(PPT)

February 17

SBA: Taking Your Social Media Posts from Good to Great to Awesome

Presentation Slides(PDF)

Presentation Slides(PPT)

January 27

SBA: Independent Contractors v. Employees

Presentation Slides

January 19

Budgeting During the Crisis w/Truist


December 10

How to be Open for Business During Covid-19

Presentation Slides

December 9

Truist Workshop: Budgeting During the Crisis

Banking on a Budget Workbook

November 19

Selling Your Business Online

Workshop Recording On Demand

October 6 & 20

Google Analytics 1 & 2

Presentation Slides


There are a number of business development resources from the SBA. We have listed a few below for your convenience.

Home Page | Twitter | Instagram Facebook 

YouTube | LinkedIn | Email Alerts

For detailed information on SBA programs for the coronavirus, please visit:

For more information on all federal programs visit: (English) (en Español)


WVSU EDC in partnership with Element FCU, Better Homes & Gardens Central Real Estate, and Old Colony discuss:

  • Home-buying process

  • Money Wellness Program that includes free credit repair assistance provided by Element FCU

  • Upcoming workshops on programs available to 1st time homebuyers with limited income and more.

The WVSU EDC does not endorse any of the above listed businesses; it is just a resource that has been provided by our facility. Information provided above may contain error.


Our Membership Directory

Minority Business Directory
Community Resources
Holding Hands

Community Resources

February 16

Transformation Tuesdays: Weight Management Pt 2

Presentation Slides

Golden Milk Recipe

January 14

Transformation Thursdays: Weight Management

Presentation Slides

January 13

Own Your Future Homeownership Workshop

Recording of Workshop

December 9

Truist Workshop: Budgeting During the Crisis

Banking on a Budget Workbook

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