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Below you will find business and community resources, links to past workshop recordings, workbooks, etc. You will also find a Kanawha Valley minority business directory at the bottom of the page.

Open For Business

Business Resources

May 6

Spring 2021 Virtual Minority Business Expo

One Stop Business Center (Secretary of State-Mac Warner)

Plan to Succeed (WVSU College of Business-Clint Arnold)

Level Up Worldwide (EXIM Bank-Aerek Stephens)

Business & Personal Credit (Unlimited Future Inc.-Ursulette Ward)

Lending Opportunities (NCI Fund-Justin White)

February 26

Truist Workshop: Growing Your Business

Growing Your Business Presentation/Workbook(PDF)

Growing Your Business Presentation/Workbook(PPT)

February 17

SBA: Taking Your Social Media Posts from Good to Great to Awesome

Presentation Slides(PDF)

Presentation Slides(PPT)

January 27

SBA: Independent Contractors v. Employees

Presentation Slides

January 19

Budgeting During the Crisis w/Truist


December 10

How to be Open for Business During Covid-19

Presentation Slides

December 9

Truist Workshop: Budgeting During the Crisis

Banking on a Budget Workbook

November 19

Selling Your Business Online

Workshop Recording On Demand

October 6 & 20

Google Analytics 1 & 2

Presentation Slides


There are a number of business development resources from the SBA. We have listed a few below for your convenience.

Home Page | Twitter | Instagram Facebook 

YouTube | LinkedIn | Email Alerts

For detailed information on SBA programs for the coronavirus, please visit:

For more information on all federal programs visit: (English) (en Español)

WVSU EDC in partnership with Element FCU, Better Homes & Gardens Central Real Estate, and Old Colony discuss:

  • Home-buying process

  • Money Wellness Program that includes free credit repair assistance provided by Element FCU

  • Upcoming workshops on programs available to 1st time homebuyers with limited income and more.






The WVSU EDC does not endorse any of the above listed businesses; it is just a resource that has been provided by our facility. Information provided above may contain error.


Our Membership Directory


Community Resources

February 16

Transformation Tuesdays: Weight Management Pt 2

Presentation Slides

Golden Milk Recipe

January 14

Transformation Thursdays: Weight Management

Presentation Slides

January 13

Own Your Future Homeownership Workshop

Recording of Workshop

December 9

Truist Workshop: Budgeting During the Crisis

Banking on a Budget Workbook