Upcoming Events

the Change: Hormones and the stages of menopause

Thursday, October 28
@ 6:30 via Zoom


Upcoming Workshops provided by the WVSU EDC. All workshops will be delivered via Zoom due to COVID19.  Workshop links will be emailed to the address you provide at registration.

Business Development
Biz Wiz Wednesdays w/SBA

Join us as members from the SBA discuss topics that are business focused to entrepreneurs and small businesses. 


Obesity & Nutrition Management

September 9 | 6:30 pm 

This workshop is about losing weight and the nutrition behind it.
Speakers: Timothy Wilburn & Stephanie Lanham

Herbal Medicine & Weight Loss

September 23 | 6:30 pm 

This workshop is about herbal medicine as it relates to chronic diseases. You will learn how herbs and roots are a part of medicine and what part they can play in one's everyday health.
Speaker: Stephanie Lanham

Diabetes & Nutrition

October 7 | 6:30 pm 

This workshop is about diabetes and the importance of avoiding this chronic disease and the nutrition behind its management.

Speakers: Luciana Britton, RN & Stephanie Lanham, Nutritionist

The Change: Hormones and the Stages of Menopause

October 28 | 6:30 pm 

This workshop will be on general information regarding the different stages of menopause and the nutritional/herbal products that aid in the hormonal process. 


Our future programming is under construction so stay tuned.


Opening Soon, Inc. Business Development Program  

Stay tuned for our next cohort.


This business development program is geared towards entrepreneurs/start-ups/small businesses.

This 10- week program will provide education and guidance in launching participants business idea into a viable product or service. Workshops will be held each Saturday from 9-11:30AM starting on May 15, 2021. Join us as we cover various topics in product development; business plans; credit and financing; social media and marketing. Technical assistance such as one-on-one business coaching and mentoring will be provided to participants. All workshops will be held via Zoom

Funding provided by The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation.

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Creators Program

Special Effects w/Dale Morton Studio Mascot Costumes

July 1, 2021 | 7:00 pm
Founded in 2001 and located in Hurricane, West Virginia DALE MORTON STUDIO MASCOT COSTUMES (DMS) designs and builds professional mascot character costumes for productions and schools of all levels. Come and learn how Dale creates his masterpieces and bring them to life.

Creators Program: Terry Lively, Artist

June 24 | 7pm

One of West Virginia’s most diverse creatives, Terry Lively’s career has produced award-winning paintings, writing and filmmaking. She is President Emeritus to two WV major art groups, won awards from the international level to the WV State Fair, with her work housed in private collections, the Library of Congress and the WV Archives Collection. 


Terry shared past work, current path in New Jersey as an oil painter and ways of living as a creative person; ways she learned by trial and error and presented to the viewers to save them the trouble of those same mistakes. 

Beyond the Poem w/Poetry Cafe's Josephus, III

Friday, April 9, 16, & 23 | 7pm

Beyond the Poem is a series of exploratory workshops that build community through the art of spoken word poetry.

Participants will write, create and share together as they explore and expound upon the one thing they know they have in common; poetry.

Weekly we will meet and elaborate on prompts and concepts designed to inspire and highlight the beauty and strength in our differences while connecting us poetically, one line at a time.

Missed, Overlooked, Upcoming w/WV Poet Laureate, Marc Harshman

Wednesday, April 7 | 7pm

In his return to the Creators platform, Harshman wants to give attention to some of those authors whose book launches have been postponed during this pandemic or whose upcoming titles may likewise be denied their due celebration. The Creators talk will feature selected readings and biographical sketches as well as a discussion with host, Eric Douglas, about the role of the poet laureate.  Some of the featured authors/poets include Ron Houchin, Carrie Conners, Timothy Russell, Anna Smucker, Bill King, [Keith Maillard, Meredith Sue Willis,] Joel Peckham, and Jake Strautmann.

Street Photography w/Steven Rotsch

Tuesday, March 16 | 7pm

What a photographer should look for as they go through each day, the importance of talking to as many people as possible to find new leads, understanding your subject, being able to explain an entire event with one photograph and the variety of situations you may find yourself. ​

Storytelling w/ W.I. "Bill" Hairston

Tuesday, February 23 | 7 pm

Creators Program presents Storyteller W.I. “Bill” Hairston will talk about using stories to entertain and how to keep audience attention in this Creators Talk. He often uses stories about his personal life "Growing up Black in Appalachia" to remind people of how life used to be and where we still have to go."


Finding the heart of your story w/ Shelia Redling (This workshop has been postponed)

Thursday, February 11 | 7pm

Novels are living things and bringing them to life can vary from wrangling them like dragons to administering CPR and hoping for the best. No matter how lively or inert your story is, it's always a good idea to know where the heart of your story is and how to keep it pumping life throughout the writing process. We'll discuss character evaluation, pacing, and tone, as well as other tragedies and adventures that can befall your novel as it comes into the world.

Preserving Oral Histories in Writing w/ Stan Bumgardner

Wednesday, January 27 | 7pm

So, now that you've interviewed someone, what's next? How can you take your interview and translate it into something you can share with family members or maybe even turn it into a magazine article? This session offers tips on how to transcribe your oral history and compose a more readable document that other family members and friends will cherish.  

Oral History w/Eric Douglas

Wednesday, January 13 | 7pm

Creator’s Talk focuses on the basic techniques for interviewing family members and recording oral histories. We’ll discuss how to ask leading questions, how to make your interview subject feel at ease and how to keep an interview on track. It will include excerpts from previously recorded oral histories, along with examples of how to edit and prepare your recordings for sharing.

Economic Development

Empathize-Finding Your Targeted Market (2 series workshop)

July 7, 2021 | 1:00 pm (Part 1)

July 14, 2021 | 1:00 pm (Part 2)

This two session workshop will cover Phase I of the Design Thinking Model for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses. These sessions will give you the steps and tools to research your potential customers in an affordable, purposeful and actionable way without having to pay a marketing or research firm thousands of dollars.

How to Create Facebook Ads

July 20 | 10am

Facebook Ads is the most effective way to promote your business. Learn how to create the most effective Facebook Ads with a budget that works for you. This easy to use 1-hour session explores why Facebook is a key tool to advertising your business.

How to Build a Website on a Budget

July 21 | 1pm

Nothing makes your new business, idea, or venture feel more “real” than when it has its own website. But how do you even get started if you have no working knowledge of domains, hosting, and web design? Join speaker and strategist, Melody Belotte, to learn the basics of website development, online strategy, and how to do it all in a startup budget!

Virtual Minority Business Expo

Thursday, May 6 | 9:00am-3:00pm (Vendor/Exhibitors 3p-4p)

This Expo will feature presentations designed to connect entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses with resources and information. Come and listen to officials from the WV Secretary of State’s Office, U.S. EXIM Bank, Huntington Banks, Unlimited Future, Inc., local small business owners and consultants to help you take your business to the next level of growth and success. Level Up!

​Own Your Future Homeownership Program

Thursday, January 13 | 6:30pm

WVSU EDC in partnership with Element FCU, Better Homes & Gardens Central Real Estate, and Old Colony discuss:

  • Home-buying process

  • Money Wellness Program that includes free credit repair assistance provided by Element FCU

  • Upcoming workshops on programs available to 1st time homebuyers with limited income and more.

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Health & Wellness

Transformation Thursdays:​Weight Management

Thursday, January 14 | 6:30pm

In this workshops, participants will learn more about macros and exercises that can target those stubborn areas and holistically what herbs can aid in the process of weight loss. 

Business Development Workshops

Minority Webinar Meet & Greet  

June 16, 2021 | 11:00am

For the first time ever - join the TriState Minority Supplier Development Council (TSMSDC) covering Kentucky, Tennessee and West Virginia together with the West Virginia State University Economic Development Center (WVSU-EDC) for this FREE inaugural joint minority 'Meet and Greet' event - A PARTNERSHIP THAT WORKS... FOR BUSINESSES!'

Minority business owners will learn how TSMSDC and WVSU-EDC can help their businesses to develop and grow, and be ready for contract opportunities!

How to Write an Effective Business Plan (2 series workshop)

June 23, 2021 | 1:00 pm (Session 1)

June 30, 2021 | 1:00 pm (Session 2)

This two session workshop will walk participants through the process of writing a business plan that will capture the attention of lending institutions, investors and business partners. 
Participants will receive a business plan template to use and have an opportunity to present their plan to prepare for a real presentation. 

SpreeWV Workshop

Thursday, April 29 | 5:30pm

SpreeWV is a shop local campaign that encourages and rewards you for shopping, eating and receiving services from local Charleston businesses. Join our workshop to find out more about this awesome program. 

​Supplier Diversity Forum

Wednesday, April 28 | 9am-12pm

The Supplier Diversity Forum helps minority suppliers pursue, win, and successfully maintain corporate and government contracts. Hosted by Advantage Valley, Truist, West Virginia State University EDC, and theWV Women's Business Center, this 3-hour virtual forum is designed to increase the number of successful minority-owned, woman-owned and other disadvantaged small suppliers in West Virginia.

Attendees will understand how to:

  1. Research and prepare for supplier opportunities

  2. How to obtain important certifications

  3. How to recognize the right opportunities for your business 

  4. How to finance growth from successful contracts


SBA: 5 Easy Ways to Sell Online

Wednesday, April 14 | 10am

Are you looking for ways to sell your products or services online?  

Our team will walk you through five options you can implement today to start selling online fast, even ones that don’t include the costs of a website.  Training provided by the U.S. Small Business Administration’s West Virginia District Office.   


​Monetizing Blogs

Tuesday, March 16 | 10am

The art of blog writing, keywords and content creation. Learn the ins and outs of how to create and monetize your blog, increase traffic and create engagement.

Growing Your Business w/Truist via WebEx

​Thursday, March 11 | 1pm

Thursday, March 25 | 6 pm

Do you want to expand your business but don’t know how to finance that growth?

Could your cash flow be better managed?

Is new equipment, additional staff or a different location part of your future?


BB&T, now Truist, would like to help you grow your business. Our Growing Your Business seminar will teach you ways to make sure your business is ready for growth. You’ll learn about separation of business from personal finances, credit and borrowing options, and insurance needs.

Recordkeeping Basics

Wednesday, March 10 | 10am

At any minute do you know how much money your business is bringing in along and how the money is being spent?   Good recordkeeping is critical to the small business owner’s ability to manage their business—and to stay in the good graces with state and federal authorities.  You can’t have a business and ignore recordkeeping, especially those related to your income and costs.  The U.S. Small Business Administration’s West Virginia District Office will review basic recordkeeping requirements essential for every small business.  

Taking Your Social Media Posts from Good to Great to Awesome

Wednesday, February 24 | 10am

Are looking for ways to improve your social media campaign?  

Learn how to take your social media from Good to Great to Awesome. 
Our team will show you examples of good social media posts and give you tips on how to take them to the next level to improve your engagement.  Training provided by the U.S. Small Business Administration’s West Virginia District Office.   

Independent Contractors v. Employees

Wednesday, January 27 | 10am

Did you know that employers who deliberately misclassify workers to avoid paying taxes can be fined or even sentenced to up to one year in prison? 

The U.S. Small Business Administration’s West Virginia District Office will provide the basic rules around employee and independent contractor classification from the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the US Department of Labor (DOL).

Budgeting During the Crisis w/Truist via WebEx

Tuesday,  January 19 | 12pm

Join us for a special edition of Bank on Your Success w/ BB&T now Truist focused solely on “Budgeting During a Crisis.” This interactive session will provide you with the tools you need to assemble a crisis budget and provide you with valuable take-away resources to help you and others.

The Basics of Blog Writing and Monetizing

Thursday, January 19 | 10am

The art of blog writing, keywords and content creation. Learn the ins and outs of how to create and monetize your blog, increase traffic and create engagement.