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Independent Publishing Workshop

The publishing world has changed dramatically over the last few years and self-publishing is now a viable and attractive option for writers who want to get their work in front of a larger audience. Talk about the pitfalls and pluses of self-publishing, along with what to do when your book is “out there”.


Creators Dialogue with Emmy Award Winning Director and Filmmaker Jacob Young

A screening of a short compilation documentary of Young's work followed by an intimate conversation between audience and Jacob about his career in film.  Jacob Young is an American screenwriter, cinematographer, film editor and filmmaker best known for creating documentary films such as Dancing Outlaw


Adapting History- Bringing WV Stories to Stage and Screen

Writers and producers David Scoville and R.J. Nestor share the ups and downs of their 11-year writing partnership—and why they became producers—in an honest, informal conversation with the audience. Performers from their West Virginia history musical Golden Horseshoe will be on hand to sing songs and perform scenes.


WV Science Meets Art- Screening and Panel

Archeology and West Virginia Filmmaking collide in the award winning documentary series, "Beneath the Kanawha Valley: Three Films Spanning 12,000 Years of West Virginia Archeology.” Screening of 30 minute documentaries: Red Salt & Reynold, Ghosts of Green  Bottom, and Secrets of the Valley. Panel discussion to follow.


Adobe Fundamentals Workshop- Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

Confused by Bezier curves, wondered why your office fliers look like ransom notes or how to deal with all those layers? These hands-on, 3-hour workshops will concentrate on the very basics of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.  Each workshop will focus on one program. Learn tools, shapes, colors, layers, effects and how to work with type in each program. We'll learn how to produce creative and practical documents — posters, fliers, newsletters — in a hands-on setting.  Each participant will be provided a laptop or feel free to bring your own. 

Workshop presented by Brenda Pinnell, owner of graphic design firm HepCatz Design and a former visual journalist.


Music Media 101: Fundamentals of Creating Music for the Mass Media Workshop Presented by- Chuck Biel

Videogames, web sites and other new media are creating more opportunities for contemporary music and film writers than ever existed before. In this seminar students will learn to write effectively for these new forms, with an introduction to devices, sounds and techniques for supporting stories and responding to user actions. Guided hands on projects will help you understand how music is created, produced and marketed.


Producing 101:  Fundamentals of Media Producing Workshop- presented by Daniel Boyd & Lisa Bragg 

Workshop participants will become familiar with the role of the producer and what functions he/she performs in the various visual, audio and multimedia production formats.

Our basic premise is that the same basic skills and techniques are utilized regardless of the particular medium or format in which the producer is working.  The workshop will emphasize the planning and related business aspects of media production rather than the creative aspects of a particular project.  Long before the cameras roll (images/sounds captured) there must be a product to produce, a particular market identified,  a budget with an established funding source or a plan for solicitation, and sound production execution plan (crew, schedule, etc.).  A good production must begin with a strong foundation.


The Art of Social Networking for Artists Workshop

Learn how to market your artwork across multiple social networks! Find out which networks are best, how to speak the social lingo, building your brand, gaining an audience, how to start the conversation, and  more!


WV Film Office- Business of Film Workshop- presented by Pam Haynes and Jamie Cope

In this workshop, learn how the WV Film Office can help you and how you can support the Film Office’s efforts.  Filmmakers and related crew personnel, film and video production companies, emerging filmmakers, students as well as others who are interested in learning how to work with the film office and how to work with film crews that knock on their doors are invited to attend.

Topics will include the role of the film office, how to find work in the state, location libraries, permits, tax credits and much more. 


Screen and Graphic Novel Writing 101- 2 Day Workshop- presented by D. Boyd & J. Ng

This workshop will focus on the basic building blocks used to develop and construct stories for cinema and graphic novels. The particular formatting styles and available screenwriting software will be dis­cussed, but like most entertainment writing, it’s all about the story. Boyd & Ng will present a general overview of the screenwriting process from concept to final script, focusing on the basic, but critical story elements needed for a good script.


Get It Published!* Seminar- presented by Laurie Helgoe

Let’s make your book. This seminar will get you on the road to a book contract. We’ll help you get to the heart of your idea, find marketing angles, and understand the process of creating a book proposal, building a platform as an author, and pitching to literary agents. You will receive a Book It! Tool kit with step-by-step guidelines, sample proposals, worksheets and resources to help you get your book idea into the hands of an agent and, ultimately, a publisher.  *(Not Self-


DIY Documentaries Workshop- presented by Eric Douglas

Do you have a story to tell? Want to capture a family story or record memories before they are lost? It has never been easier to do it yourself. Do-It-Yourself Documentaries will discuss the basic techniques to creating your own documentary using tools you already have at hand. Your smart phone can record video, capture audio and take still photographs. That is really all you need. Have a basic digital camera? You can capture high quality video and edit it together with free software available online. This program will discuss how to use basic tools around you to create your own documentaries while showing examples of documentaries crafted by people with a story to tell, but no real experience with audio, video or photography.


Entertainment/ IP Law 101 Seminar- presented by Robert Bandy & Kevin Levine

In this seminar, students will learn the basics of intellectual property law, including copyrights, trademarks, service marks, and common law intellectual property in the United States. The material covered will include an overview of the historical roots of copyright, the types of works that qualify for copyright protection, how an author can secure and register a copyright in a work, and other essentials concerning this rarely straightforward area of the law. Additionally, students will learn what to do during preproduction and production to avoid potential infringement of, or other claims relating to, intellectual property owned or controlled by other individuals or companies, as well as potential defamation, false light, invasion of privacy rights, violation of publicity rights, and similar claims. Also, Kevin Levine will explain in detail the various types of copyrights associated with music, particularly musical compositions and sound recordings, as well as the licenses required to legally exploit those works, including their placement in film and television productions.


Sportscasting in the Digital Age Workshop- presented by Mark Martin, WCHS

So, you’ve always wanted to be a sportscaster? Thanks to the world-wide web the possibilities are now endless. A TV station or radio station can be created through your own personal website. In this seminar students will discover the ways in which to get this accomplished through the development of a website and the creativity of producing sports programming. As well, students will learn the proper ways of going about the trade of sportscasting. Students will be introduced to the various facets that go into preparing for the call of a variety of sports, both for radio and television. 


Creators Talk Series: “10 Commandments for Creative Success” with Steve Payne

Photographer, Steve Payne, will discuss the essential elements required for success in the ever increasingly competitive creative world. A must hear for any creative service business owner.


Independent Publishing Workshop- presented by Eric Douglas

Eric Douglas will talk about the pitfalls and pluses of self-publishing, along with what to do when your book is “out there”.  Any writer who has dreamed of publishing will find something interesting in this workshop.  Topics to include print vs. e-books, formatting, costs, marketing, sales and much more! 


Creators Talk “WV Voices of War” with Eric Douglas

WV Voices of War is an example of backpack journalism/documentary work where anyone can produce a documentary or capture stories using simple tools available to anyone and with little or no budget. Douglas will show the West Virginia Voices of War documentary and discuss the tools and techniques used to produce it.


Music for New Media 102 Workshop – presented by Chuck Biel

 Videogames, websites and other new media are creating more opportunities for the contemporary music and film writer.  A continuation and refinement of topics discussed in the 101 workshop with the addition of character development through music, additional information on sequencing and program the music workstation. Hands on activities!    

Creators Talk: “What Songs Do” with Larry Groce

'If a picture is worth a thousand words, a song is worth a thousand pictures” says Larry Groce, who believes the right words set to the right music can express profound truth in three minutes. Join Larry for a wide-ranging conversation about the magic of songs featuring some of his favorite examples from Mountain Stage.


3D Animation 101 Workshop- presented by Steve Gilliland

Want to create your own worlds? Better yet, blow 'em up – and let the computer calculate the physics for explosions, smoke, and fire. This hands-on workshop will introduce beginners to Blender, powerful, open-source 3D software that is available as a FREE download. 


Creators Panel “Regional Independent Publishing”-

The world of publishing has changed dramatically in the last few years putting regional and independent publishers on a more level playing field with the Big Five publishers. Hear a group of experts discuss some of the pluses and pitfalls in going with a smaller publishing house or going it on your own as an independent. If you are thinking about writing a book, or have a finished manuscript but are weighing your options, this panel discussion will answer your questions.  


Creators Talk with Burke Allen- “Television, Radio, Print, Online and Social Media in the New Millennium- How to Utilize, Maximize, and Monetize The Media For Maximum Impact”

Burke is the CEO/Chief Media Strategist of Allen Media Strategies, a Washington DC based media, marketing, public relations and entertainment firm.  Join us and hear how he and his team of media pros and merry pranksters have crafted strategy, coached performances and helped place authors, entertainers and other public figures on the world’s leading media outlets


Creators Dialogue: An Evening with Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr.  

An intimate conversation between West Virginia singing superstar, Murphy and WVSU music and communication students.


Creators Panel: Graphic Design for Creators

"We DO Judge a Book (and CD, DVD, graphic novel...) By Its Cover!" The digital age has made quality creation so much easier and affordable but not enough attention is given to the final product’s "presentation”, the external look and packaging. Three of the region's best graphic artists/ illustrators, all with experience in entertainment product cover design will lead the discussion and offer valuable advice for your project! Presenters: Mark Wolfe, Brenda Pinnell and Josh Martin


Creators Talk: An Evening with WV State Poet Laureate Marc Harshman 

Listen as legendary author and poet, Marc Harshman  shares his journey, experiences and advice on creative writing and storytelling! 



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